Optiflame 3GM

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The stunning new high efficiency Ultra Optiflame gas stove is uniquely designed for 70%+ gas efficiency in all the burners. The burner unit assembly is optimised to produce more heat, by burning gas more efficiently, and therefore cooks fast without wasting gas. Gas savings, less cooking time and high safety are compelling reasons to choose the Ultra Optiflame gas stove.

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Optiflame 3GM
70%+ GAS


Unique design for efficient air/gas mixing.

* Verified and certified by Goverment Approved Lab.



Description:The burner unit assembly is optimised to produce more heat, by burning gas more efficiently, and therefore cooks fast without wasting gas.

10 Years Warranty


10 Years Warranty on Burners and 2 years warranty on the gas stove . (Valid in the country of purchase)



More durable and safer than thinner glasses.



Stronger, safer and more efficient than ordinary cast burners.



Wide space between burners and a spacious top for easy cleaning and resting ladles.

No of burners 3 (Big - 1, Medium - 1, Small - 1)
Battery compartment Yes
Battery 1.5V - R20 (Heavy duty)
Gas efficiency in all burners 70%+
Faster cooking Yes
Glass top Toughened glass (8mm thick)
Body Stainless steel metal
Main inlet pipe Stainless steel metal
Burner material Forged brass burner
Pan Support material Investment casted EN8
Swivel connector Yes
Burner and pan support locking Yes
Pan support ring Yes
No spill tray design Yes
Height up to frame (mm) 81
Height up to pan support top (mm) 123
Pan support weight (g) Big-339 Medium-312 Small-294
Pan support wing span (mm) Big- 240 Medium- 210 Small-180
Burner weight (g) Big-261 Medium-216 Small-161
Pitch distance (mm) Big to Small C-C :293 Small to Medium C-C :272 Big to Medium C-C :484
Cooking vs non cooking space ratio 0.32
Burner rating  
Big burner (g/hr) 225
Medium burner (g/hr) 160
Small burner (g/hr) 115
Product dimension (LXWXH in mm) 730x426x123
Carton dimension (LXWXH in mm) 810x517x231
Net weight (kg) 10.8
Gross weight (kg) 11.5
Package contents Gas stove unit, battery, user guide
Warranty 5 years on burners and gas valves, 2 years on the gas stove. Free replacement of toughened glass is applicable only once within the 2 year warranty period

The Ultra Optiflame can also be used with CNG. However kindly contact Ultra care for installation. Do not attempt to install by yourself if you are using CNG.

Optiflame is tested for 70%+ gas efficiency in all burners. This is as per certified lab test results. The number of days will vary from user to user depending on usage.

Optiflame cooks faster than regular stoves without any gas wastage. However time saved varies for different food items and from user to user.


No. It is available only on the Optiflame 3GF model.

Press the knob, turn it to the left and hold for few seconds for auto ignition. If the problem persists, kindly contact Ultra Care.

Clean the igniter in the burner and try again. If the problem persists, kindly contact Ultra Care.

The spark comes in all burners due to a common spark plug connection. , However gas does not come from the other burners. Gas comes only from burner that you are igniting.

This indicates low battery life. Change the battery. If the problem persists contact Ultra Care.

Check your battery life. Clean the igniter and then ignite the burner. If the problem persists contact Ultra Care.

The battery compartment is at the rear side of the gas stove.


It may be due to nozzle blockage. Kindly contact Ultra Care.

Yes. The flame failure safety device is independent of auto ignition. This safety device works basis temperature sensing.

Pull the knob to release it. Never use the stove if the knob is stuck. If flame switches off accidently, gas will continue to leak since the knob is stuck.

No. If the flame failure safety device malfunctions for any reason, flame as well as gas flow will get cut off automatically.

They represent the burners and the highlighted one represents the burner that will get ignited by using the corresponding knob.

The pan stand is designed in such a way that vessels stand firm while cooking. We have tested our products and found cooking to be even.

The Pan support is designed in such a way that any spillage is only on the glass top and does not enter the burner. Hence there is no need for an additional spill tray.

No. Flame colour should be blue. Contact Ultra Care.

This could be due to food particles deposited on the burner holes (ports) or due to a wet burner. In such case clean the burner holes using a safety pin and wipe dry. If the problem persists, kindly contact Ultra Care.

Burner holes could be clogged. Clean using a safety pin. If the problem persists contact Ultra Care.

Ultra Optiflame is designed to cook faster compared to regular stoves in order to reduce cooking time.

Large burner is designed specifically for higher heat intensity cooking applications.

This is normal. Heat is felt more on glass cook tops compared to stainless steel stoves. Optiflame is designed and has been tested to withstand domestic cooking temperature.

Maximum weight each pan support can withstand is upto 15 kg.

Kindly contact Ultra Care.

The gas stove is designed with a small gap between pan support and glass top so that you can turn the pan support to lock and unlock. The vessel will remain firm while cooking.

Ensure that the right vessel size is used in the respective pan support. This detail is available in the user manual given along with the product. The user manual is also available for download in our website.

Check for any damage to tube connecting cylinder & stove. Ensure burner and pan support are placed & locked properly. After ensuring these, if there is still any leakage, switch off gas stove and contact Ultra Care.

Flame sound can be heard mildly if the surrounding is calm. However in case of any abnormal sound kindly contact Ultra Care.

Ultra Optiflame is designed solid and sturdy so that the stove does not shake or move while cooking.

To unlock the pan support, turn it anticlockwise and lift to remove. Remove the pan support ring and lift the burner to remove. To lock it again, place the burner slot on the burner holder groove and ensure burner is seated properly. Place the pan support ring and then the pan support and turn clockwise to lock. Always ensure to lock the pan support and burner before use.

Use only a soft cloth dipped in any glass cleaner liquid to wipe the glass top. Wipe dry using a clean cloth.

Soak in warm soapy water solution & clean with scrub pad to remove stubborn stains. Dry thoroughly before using again.

Use a creamy surface cleaner or a liquid abrasive solution and clean using a brush and wipe dry.

Place it on the knob holder and push to fix.

It is recommended to get the glass replaced before using the stove. Kindly contact Ultra Care.

Kindly contact Ultra Care.

It is recommended to get the burner replaced before using the stove. Kindly contact Ultra Care.

Optiflame comes with a 5 year warranty on burners & gas valves and a 2 year warranty on the gas stove. Any defect arising out of manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. The parts that are defective alone will be repaired or replaced and not the entire stove. For terms and conditions refer to the user guide.

Ultra authorized spares are available in Ultra Care centre, details of which are there in our website.

Yes. Door step service is available for gas stove. Visiting charge is applicable after one year of purchase.