Wet Grinders Perfect+

Wet Grinders

Pioneering the concept of compact table top wet grinders, Ultra has set new benchmarks in the kitchen appliances space. Ultra’s wet grinders, with its revolutionary patented conical stones, have proven effective in delivering batter that is perfect in texture, taste and quantity. Add to this, is the use of finest food grade stainless steel to ensure your food is healthy and clean. With its durable build quality and 5 to 10 year warranty, Ultra is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Juicer Mixer Grinders Vario+ Red

Mixer Grinders

Tomato chutney and a tomato paste are not the same, but a tomato paste is what you get in mixer grinders, no matter what. Ultra understands that the grinding requirement for tomato chutney and a tomato paste is not the same and has therefore designed the Vario+ mixer grinder with an electronic speed control, with pre-programmed speeds for different applications. This means the food is ground only at the required speed, neither too fast or too slow, to ensure that right texture and consistency, along with all the nutrients, are retained for a healthy and tasty meal.
It also has a slow speed juicing function that makes juices that are thick, free of froth, watery separation, and without the bitter taste of crushed seeds.

Stainless Steel Cookers Endura+

Pressure Cooker

Time and health are precious. That’s what you get with the Ultra Endura+ stainless steel pressure cookers. Made with rust-resistant food grade stainless steel for healthy food, and a high impact bonded base for fast and uniform cooking, the cookers are a pleasure to cook with. Also, the unique high impact bonded base gives you food that does not burn and char, and stays warm up to 2 hours after cooking. They can be used with any cooking surface and the handles are fitted with 2 screws instead of the normal 1 to ensure they do not become loose. They are so good looking that they can also be used as a serve-ware on the dining table. The Endura+ cookers come with 10 years warranty.