About Us


Ultra’s journey began in 1992. Until 1992, wet grinders, an integral part of the Indian kitchen, were large, heavy, unwieldy, and ugly appliances that made for an unpleasant and intimidating cooking experience. We started the Ultra brand to transform this experience across two dimensions. One, how can we re-design the wet grinder so that people look forward to the usage experience? Two, how can the Ultra grinder become a symbol of aesthetic pride in the kitchen? We started with a blank page and in 1992, we launched the first ever tabletop wet grinder, which set the benchmark for wet grinders.

Our wet grinder reinvigorated our customers’ passion for cooking and the Ultra grinder became a symbol of pride in our customers’ kitchens. With our first wet grinder, we established the guiding principles for the Ultra brand. Specifically, we would aim to offer a transformative usage and aesthetic experience through every kitchen product that we chose to reimagine. We prioritized the kitchen as people are passionate about food. We wanted to play a role in our customers’ signature dishes and food moments. We wanted to be responsible for ensuring families’ nutrition and taste. We wanted to be the trusted partners of homemakers and home chefs. We fulfilled our mission over the past thirty years by expanding beyond the wet grinder. Though our customers’ needs have evolved,
we’ve remained steadfast in our guiding principles and are proud of our early 3 million customers.

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