Ultra Mixer Grinders


The Ultra range of mixer grinders are designed to provide healthy and nutritious food at the right texture and consistency. Innovations like Electronic Speed Sensor, Slo-grinding and Slow juicing, prevent excessive heat rise, thus retaining the nutrients. The rust-resistant food grade stainless steel jars ensure that the food is free from contamination. The new Duramix range of all metal mixer grinders, with metal body and metal couplers in the motor and jars, are sturdier and much more durable than all other ordinary mixer grinders.


1st and only Mixer Grinder with Metal Coupler

Metal coupler in all the jars and motor ensures complete reliability. Unlike regular plastic or rubber couplers that need frequent replacement, metal couplers are designed to last a lifetime.


1st and only Mixer Grinder with Stainless Steel Metal Body

Ultra metal mixer grinders are built to last. The sturdy and stable stainless steel metal body ensures durability and adds a modern appeal to the kitchen.


1st and only Mixer Grinder with Slo-Grind function

Certain foods are meant to be processed in very slow speeds for best results- pureeing vegetables, coarsely grinding greens, churning butter, extracting coconut milk, grinding chutney for the perfect texture and taste. All these made possible with the Slo-grind function.


1st and only Mixer Grinder with Slow Juicing Function

Ordinary mixer grinders run at very high speeds. This makes the juice frothy, thin and separated. Slow juicing brings out the original taste and flavour of the fruit without crushing the seeds. This unique function in Ultra mixer grinders makes for thick and nutritious juice. The absence of bitterness from crushed seeds makes the juice naturally sweet too.


1st and only Mixer Grinder with Electronic Speed Sensor

Unlike ordinary mixer grinders that have fluctuations in grinding speeds, Ultra mixer grinders with electronic speed sensor ensures a consistent grinding speed. It continuously corrects the speed throughout operation, maintaining the appropriate grinding speed that is right for food. Hence the food is ground to the right texture while retaining the taste and flavour. For example, tomato chutney needs to be ground at a specific speed, failing which it may become tomato paste.


AISI 304 Food Grade
 Stainless Steel Jars

Ultra mixer grinder jars are made from food grade rust-resistant stainless steel. This superior high quality steel keeps the food healthy and free from any contamination.


Digital timer Display

The unique digital timer display in Ultra mixer grinders help achieve the same authentic taste and texture every time. This is possible because the digital timer display helps ascertain the exact time taken for perfect results. Therefore one can repeat the same timing to get the same perfect results unfailingly every time.

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