Eat Healthier, and Feel Better, the Ultra Way

Ultra Pressure Cooker's guide to better living

The benefits of good health go beyond physical fitness. And while it’s important to exercise and stay fit, there are a number of other factors that contribute to your overall well-being, and eating right tops this list. So, how exactly do you “eat right”? By simply cutting down on the calories you consume and yet manage to satiate your taste buds.

For a lot of us in India, where rice is a staple and our default go-to food, we often forget about the calories that accompany a delicious rice dish and other carbohydrate-rich foods – easy on the tongue, but unhealthy in the long run. That said, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the taste of carbs minus the starch!

It’s during times like these we realise and understand the importance of the traditional ways of cooking – a time when starch was removed with the help of a simple cloth and in a natural way. A time when cooking rice took time but the process was healthy.

Eat Healthier, and Feel Better, the Ultra way physical fitness

Constantly innovating ever since its inception (the pioneers in table top wet grinders)  Ultra brings back the days of traditional cooking but with a touch of modernity with the Ultra Diet Cooker – a cooker that comes with a starch remover. Designed to cook rice that reduces 30 calories per meal, Ultra diet cookers come with a host of other benefits including the latest in technology, the best of stainless steel, the most advanced features and great looks.

What’s more, the Ultra Diet Cooker becomes your perfect excuse to not just eat rice everyday but relish it in its myriad forms – be it pulav, biryani, meals or anything else. Moreover, the Ultra Diet Cooker range ensures you bring home the best of quality, innovation and service – three pillars that have been the hallmark of brand Ultra ever since its inception, 24 years ago.

It’s time to say goodbye to starch and not rice. Embrace good health by reducing 30 calories per meal, the Ultra way.

Ultra Pressure Cooker

Elgi Ultra Pressure Cookers

A perfect companion in your kitchen, the Ultra range of pressure cooker’s features will delight you.


High-impact bonded base, helps prevent burning and sticking of food


High-impact bonded base, aids in faster cooking


Keeps food warm for up to 2 hours


Dishwasher safe design, makes it easy to clean


Impressive design, elegant to serve


Valid in the country of purchase