Cookware safety do’s and don’ts

Ultra Pressure Cooker’s  quick guide to cooking safety and maintaining your cookware.

Cooking safety is very important. Before you start using a new pressure cooker, it is important to know the different safety aspects and how to best use the cooker to avoid any accidents. Here are some safety tips and guidelines while cooking with pressure cookers.

To ensure safety with pressure cookers, it is first important to choose a cooker that has been thoughtfully designed and built with your safety in mind. The Ultra Pressure Cookers come with an additional spring action safety device for pressure release apart from the regular pressure regulator, gasket release system (GRS), and fusible plug.


It is important to know the various components of your cooker and understand how to maintain it for safety and best performance.

Know Your Cooker



  • Check and ensure that water poured inside the cooker is sufficient and at the safe level.
  • Before locking the lid, check and ensure that the vent tube is free from any blockage.
  • Check and ensure that the gasket is properly seated in the lid.
  • Change the gasket position after every use by rotating or reversing it. This will lead to a longer life.
  • Ensure that the locking of the lid is full and complete. Both handles should be aligned in one line.
  • Take care to avoid any damage to the locking rim in the body and gasket seating areas in the lid.
  • Always place the lid upside down over the body when the cooker is not in use.
  • Always use Ultra spares for parts replacement.

Pressure Cookers


  • Do not place empty cooker on heating source. The gasket, safety plug and the cooker bottom may get damaged.
  • Do not fill the cooker with cooking material over 2/3rd of cooker capacity (for solids) or over 1/2 (for liquids).
  • Do not keep the cooker on a heat source for more than the required duration, the cooker may burst. The advantage of having a high impact bonded base is that the Ultra Pressure Cookers take less time for cooking than any other cooker does. So the extra time on a heat source may cause overcooking.
  • Do not place any plates over the container used for cooking as the plate may fly up and block the safety devices.
  • Do not attempt to open the lid before the release of steam. First, remove the Pressure Regulator and then, open the lid.
  • Do not use lid, pressure regulator, gasket, fusible plug or spring acting safety device manufactured by other brands.
  • Do not use hard abrasives for cleaning, which have a tendency to cause scratches.
  • Do not leave salty food overnight inside the cooker, which may cause stain marks to appear on the surface of the cooker.
  • Do not interchange the body or lid of one Ultra cooker model with that of any other Ultra cooker model.
  • Do not tamper with the body, lid or any other safety devices.
  • If using a starch remover, do not place the starch remover over the steamer plate inside the cooker.

Pressure Cookers


Maintaining your cooker well, using the right cleaning techniques and products is essential. Here’s a list of things to note:

  • Once cooking is completed, let the cooker cool down. Clean the cooker and starch remover with warm soap water and dry it. Cooker and starch remover can also be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Use only nylon scrubbers for cleaning body, lid and starch remover. Avoid metal scrubbers.
  • Clean the pressure regulator at regular intervals with warm soap water, using a soft brush and then dry it thoroughly.
  • Clean the vent tube hole regularly and ensure that no food particles are stuck.
  • Once cooking is over, remove the gasket, wash it with cold water and then hang it on a peg. Avoid placing it in the lid when cooker is not in use.
  • It is recommended to change the gasket and the fusible plug once every year.
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